A book must be
the axe for the
frozen sea within us
Partûk Pêwîst e bibe
bivir ji bo şikandina behra
bûzgirtî ya nava me.
كتێب دەبێت ته‌ورێك بێت‌ بۆ تێکشکاندنی ده‌ریای سه‌هۆڵبه‌ستووی هه‌ناومان. کافکا

Library without borders

Books for refugees and migrants – Poland

We are starting a books donation campaign for refugees and migrants in detention centres in Poland.  The situation of refugees in most centres is dramatic. Hundreds of people face bleak existence in extremely overcrowded conditions, with little to no contact with the outside world. Computers and smartphones are banned, while internet access is strictly controlled. Boredom and hopelessness have a very negative effect on their mental health. Let’s help them get through this time.

If you want to donate a book, please visit the “DONATION” section and choose one or more books (“add to cart”). When you chek out for paying, please use the coupon “PolandLWB” to get a free shipping option. In the shipping details you can enter Ktebhen’s address (Frankfurter Allee 7, 10247, Berlin), or simply the postcode 10115. The books will be collected in Berlin and then sent to the detention centers in Poland.

This campaign is organised by Libraries Without Borders (Biblioteki bez granic), an independent collective of activists who bring books to refugees in holding facilities across Poland. People who seek asylum in Poland are forced to wait for months for life-changing bureaucratic decisions. Most of them, adults and children alike, are directed to processing centers where they have little to no contact with the outside world. Libraries Without Borders collect and provide books in Arabic, Sorani, Kurmanji, Turkish, Dari, Pashto, Farsi, and other languages to help them get through this time. Check out also other actions in Berlin: https://www.facebook.com/events/450398733234446.

Books – کتێب – Pirtûk


Book reviews, events and other topics.


The diverse world of Kurdish literature – Interview with ECHO-Library

Interview of Kitêbhên founders with the Echo-Library in Greece

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-31 at 20.48.12

سه‌رمه‌ندیی داهێنه‌ر له‌ نێوان هۆش و كاتدا – “گه‌ڕان بۆ كاتی له‌ده‌ستچوو”ی پرووست

له‌ عه‌ره‌بییه‌وه‌: ئه‌كبه‌ر حه‌سه‌ن له‌ چاره‌كی یه‌كه‌می سه‌ده‌ی بیسته‌مه‌وه‌ هه‌میشه‌ وتراوه‌ له‌ پاش جه‌یمس جۆیس و مارسێل پرووست، چیتر دۆخی ڕۆمان وه‌ك پێشتر نییه‌. جۆیس ئێرله‌ندییه‌ و خاوه‌نی ڕۆمانی “یۆلیسیس”ـه‌، پرووست فه‌ڕه‌نسییه‌ و خاوه‌نی ڕۆمانی “گه‌ڕان بۆ كاتی له‌ده‌ستچوو”ه‌. زۆر جار ڕۆبه‌رت موزیلی ئه‌ڵمانییشیان بۆ زیاد ده‌كرێت. به‌م جۆره‌ش، هه‌رسیانیان پێكه‌وه‌ ده‌سته‌ی باوكانی دامه‌زرێنه‌ری ڕۆمانی…


کتێبهێن لیرەیە

دوای زیاتر له‌ ساڵێك كاری چڕوپڕ، دواجار كتێبهێن وه‌ك یه‌كه‌م كتێبفرۆشیی فره‌زاراوه‌ی كوردی له‌ ئه‌ورووپا ده‌ستی به‌ كار كرد. كتێبهێن له‌مڕۆوه‌ ئاماده‌یه‌ به‌ زاراوه‌ی جیاوازی كوردی و به‌ هه‌ندێ زمانی بیانی، كتێب بگه‌یه‌نێته‌ ماڵی كتێبدۆستانی دیاسپۆرای كوردستان. ئه‌م پرۆژه‌یه‌ به‌رهه‌می هه‌ستكردن به‌ بۆشایی كتێبی كوردییه‌ له‌ ئه‌ورووپا، ئه‌ویش له‌ حاڵێكدا هه‌موو پێته‌خته‌ ئه‌ورووپییه‌كان میوانداری زیاد…